Airtel Revokes its Decision to Charge More for VoIP Calls


Airtel has announced to temporarily withdraw its plan to charge its customers more for the VoIP services like Skype, Viber etc.

The company is waiting for a consultation paper to be issued by TRAI in related to the OTT (Over The Top) services like IM and VoIP apps, as according to a BGR report.

As when the plan was announced by Airtel a few days back, it called upon heavy criticism from consumers on social media, where the people were venting out their anger against the plan.

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As according to the same BGR report, Airtel says, “We have no doubt that as a result of the consultation process a balanced outcome would emerge that would not only protect the interests of all stakeholders and viability of this important sector but would also encourage much needed  investments in spectrum and roll out of data networks to fulfill the objective of digital India.”

Globally the telecom operators have expressed their apprehension against OTT and VoIP services, but Airtel was the first one to announce increased overhead charges for using these services. Since clearly without a regulation by the Government authorities, the consumers would not accept paying more for mobile data driven services that is currently being charged on their data plans itself. Also, unless all telecom companies collectively take such a move, a standalone company is at a risk of losing its loyal customers to its competition.

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