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WhatsApp Will Now Show if a Sent Message has Been Read


WhatsApp’s delivered and last seen features surely had the potential to cause misunderstandings among people, because of which Whatsapp rolled out the ability to hide time stamps. And now to add more clarity on messages being sent, like Google Hangouts, it too has added a feature to indicate if  a message has been read.

If the double check marks indicating delivered turn blue, that means the message has been read.

The app newly updated FAQ, group chat and broadcast messages are also impacted by this change. iamWire noted this on Wednesday night, but observed that this feature was not a part of an app store update to the app. Following similar speculations, 9to5Mac spotted the company has pushed the feature over-the-air to both iOS and Android versions of the app.

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Dutch site has revealed some new icons that What App might be using for its VoIP implementation. But, it still undisclosed when the feature will be added by the company.

Testing Image Source: The Next Web

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