Comprehensive List of Venture Capital Firms in India for Startup Funding

Nile River Venture Partners has created a handbook for startups in India looking for funding. Like mentioned in the deck above, as per International Business Times, India’s 3,100 startups today make the country the third-­largest base of startups, just behind America and Britain.

India is also the fastest‐growing startup hub, adding about 650 startups in 2013 and over 800 this year, according to Nasscom. The above given deck by Nile River has a comprehensive list of Venture Capital (VC) firms in India, to help startups identify the appropriate VC to pitch for. Also stay tuned to Iamwire for more updates as this list is growing everyday with more VC firms planning to invest in Indian startup ecosystem in future.
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  • zo azu

    This was a really informative list. Have you guys made a list for all the china, us ventures yet? Let me know!

  • adityaimpulse

    This is just a directory of firms along with some information on valuations which – in most cases – is not the most important part.