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UrbanHomez: A Startup Taking Indian Labour Class Online

Considering India’s immense growth in every sphere of the society, the social development part is still lagging behind. India’s labour force is largely unskilled, unorganized, poorly paid and unprotected.

With a view to make the unorganized labour organized enough to perform all the given tasks in an appropriate and functional manner, India based Startup UrbanHomez is trying to play a role here. Established in 2012, UrbanHomez as a marketplace for Home Renovation & Décor, it extends the reach of these Mazdoors (labours) and their employers to broaden their avenue.


It gives its users an access to information on for Home Construction, Office Renovation, Home Renovation & Improvement, Office Interiors, Home Decor, Office Construction, Home Design Ideas, Architects, Home Interiors, Office Renovation, Interior Designers, Interior Decorators and Contractors.

Based out in New Delhi, it is a destination for home owners looking for Design ideas, Design Advice, Interior Designers, Contractors, Furniture, Modular Kitchen Manufacturers, suppliers etc. Currently, it is the only portal in India which publishes Rates for Home Renovation related services and base construction materials.

It is currently visited by more than 250,000 users per month looking for design ideas, interior designers, suppliers, etc, and has more than 50,000 Architects, Interior Designers, Contractors and Suppliers from more than 100 cities in India, registered on it.

UrbanHomez was founded by Kapil Aggarwal and plans to take UrbanHomez in the Middle East, SAARC and South Asian Countries in the next five years.

Currently, UrbanHomez main focus is on the Indian market and have desire to develop its physical presence in top 15 cities of India over the next 3 years. In the immediate future it plans to launch a mobile app and also start an office in Mumbai. In the long term, it plans to have the largest online collection of Interior design related photos and rich profiles of professionals & suppliers in India. It also aspires to provide choice to consumers and drive transparency & efficiency in the unorganized Home Renovation & Décor market in India.

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    Now this is a perfect example of E Commerce boom in our country. These things are finally not going unheard and Startups like us are get so much Enthusiasm when we read about these kinds of things. And Even Our esteemed Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi also visualizes the Power of this industry, the day is not far when each village will have access to Internet and that too on a Minimal costs.When that day comes,it will enforce the IndiaN Labour to rise up and will be treated as equals just lIke in the Western World.

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