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Twitter Introduces Offer Coupons in Tweets; To Also Provide Tweet Analytics

Twitter is introducing a new service called Twitter Offers, which will allow companies to share in-store and online deals/coupons and discounts right from a tweet. The deals will appear in promoted tweets, and anyone on Twitter will just have to click a button to claim them. The service will start in US, and if the credit card is already stored on Twitter, the deal will get associated with the card and will automatically be redeemed once it’s used to purchase.



The new service is an approach to offer deals, which will help various companies. The ones that rely on in-store traffic will be able to offer deals on Twitter and let people easily claim them for later use in stores. The uses of these deals will be tracked, which means companies will know if they’re effective or not. And if they are effective then this could become a strong ad offering for Twitter on its continued path towards profits.According to company’s blog post, they will with handful of brands to initially test this new feature during the holidays in U.S.

However, the downside of these offers is that they aren’t activated immediately upon purchase. Twitter says that the discounts will be applied to a card statement several days after the purchase is made, which may make buyers a little wary as they wait to see whether the offer was successfully redeemed or not.

This is the latest way that twitter is bringing commerce to its platform. Back in recent past, Twitter allowed companies to place buy buttons inside of tweets so that people could purchase straight from their feed.

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In another recent news, Twitter is showing analytics inside your tweets, so you can find out if your tweets are good or famous. As per the news from The Verge, those included in the experiment see a ‘view analytics details’ button inside tweets on the mobile app. When tapped, you’re shown total impressions, engagement rate and more.

Originally available to advertising partners, Twitter Analytics platform is now open to the public as well. “View Analytics Details,” which appears beneath individual tweets, opens a view that shows you impressions and engagement rates as to how many people have seen and clicked the tweet, basically.

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