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Twitter India Apologizes for Suspension of Accounts; Blames Technical Glitch

Dealing with a new controversy, Twitter India has apologized over the issue of suspension of accounts.


Twitter suddenly came into the news when some accounts were suspended without a warning from the social media site.

According to Firstpost, some prominent Indian Twitter personalities were among the affected users whose accounts were suspended by Twitter, this issue has created a minor storm on the social networking site.

The whole story unfolded with a tweet from  Faking News Editor Subramanya, who said that her account was suspended and that she has no idea about the reason as to why. Later on she tweeted that she got an email from Twitter telling her that she might have shared an update that was spam or inappropriate that resulted in suspension. She further added that in the email Twitter asked to her ‘change her behaviour’ or else she would be permanently suspended from the social networking site.
The tweets below show how the complete incident unfolded:




To know more about the incident Subramanya tweeted out to Twitter India’s head of News, Politics and Govt Raheel Khursheed, asking him to explain the glitch , which in her words had affected mostly Right-wing Twitter account users.


Raheel responded to this with a tweet:


Subramanya also alleged that it was only Right-wing accounts that were suspended by Twitter and the names like @AgentSaffron, @Sushuptii, @wallflower_ish, @sureshnakhua, @readernewspaper are on the list. It was also discovered that Faking News editor Rahul Roushan’s account was also suspended.



Later on a well-known journalist Shiv Aroor tweeted on the issue that no Twitter accounts were suspended and it was merely a technical bug that has been sorted out.

Another user @Stupidosaur, who claims to be a right wing user, said that his account was suspended as well. He put out the copy of the same letter on the site, which asks the users to change ‘their behaviour’ and once again click on the terms and conditions so that their account can be reinstated. Check out the letter:

The letter clearly notifies the user that his account was suspended because it got caught in Twitter’s spam monitoring systems. The email also notes that the account might have posted an update that was spam or inappropriate and thus the action was taken. It also warns the user to change their behaviour in order to avoid getting permanently blocked on the site but comments that only repeated violations will lead to that.

After reviewing the letter, one cannot figure out the reasons about the suspension of accounts and why such action was taken. Neither does any proper evidence of spam tweets were shared by Twitter in this chaos like situation. According to the latest update on the issue, it appears that problem has been solved and it was a technical glitch which instigated the whole controversy.

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