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Mumbai Tops Charts for Most Intimate Products Purchased Online: ThatsPersonal Report

Sex is still a taboo in the land of Kamasutra, the story is a lot different in the online world. Where many adults are still shy to ask for a contraceptive in a drug store, the rise of online intimate product stores have come to their aid.

One of such sites, ThatsPersonal, did a research on the buying behavior of intimate products in India after having analyzed its 18 months of sales and website traffic. And the findings are an interesting read, and give insights into different buying behaviour across states in the country.

“We get some extremely unusual requests and queries about sexual wellness products right from being Jain or Non Jain to how to do it for the first time. For us nothing is more important than customer privacy and respect, hence the only information we could publish was of aggregate sales and traffic,” said Mr. Samir Saraiya, CEO- While Internet has always been the destination for those not comfortable talking about personal things and sex with peers, the rising e-commerce segment is taking it to a different level.


According to the research, the western India clearly leads the way in buying of pleasure products as it accounts for 36 percent of their total sales vis- a- vis only 7 percent from the Eastern side. North India lags slightly behind at 21 percent whereas the South market comprises a large chunk of their market share accounting for 31 percent of total sales. As revealed by the company, in the West, Gujarat in particular orders the most adult games online.


Most of the company’s sales comes from the metros, with Mumbai leading them all. However, it is to be noted that the smaller cities provide a substantially higher basket value. Maharashtra and Karnataka alone contribute to 2/5ths of the portal’s national sales.


The above are top 15 Tier III cities based on the sales goes to show that when it comes to buying intimate products, size of the city does not matter.

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The above shown age wise segregation shows that the age groups of 25-34 are the most active buyers. And men lead the both the sales and browsing traffic over women.


Lubes and condoms lead the sales thus emphasizing the safe sex message and India’s educated outlook on protected sex. Although the condom remains the most bought and trusted product, Indians are experimenting with other stuff like handcuffs, edible lingerie, adult card games, edible body paint and the likes.


Based in Mumbai, ThatsPersonal is a venture of Samir Saraiya, the owner of Digital E-Life Pvt Ltd. Founded in January 2013, in the near future, the company plans to introduce more products and divulge in more marketing activities, Also, the site will focus on providing more education to Indian on why they should buy these products and which products are suitable to them.

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