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Here Are the Five Startups in TLabs Sixth Batch

TLabs, an initiative of Times Internet, has announced its sixth Batch of start-ups which started in September this year,with each start-up providing solutions across a variety of markets. Including this batch,the portfolio count of TLabs has gone up to 36 startups.

With the current batch and going forward, TLabs has raised the valuation of each start-up that it has accepted in the program to INR 1.5 crore and will invest INR 12 lakhs in each startup. According to Abhishek Gupta, Head TLabs, this change was necessary keeping in mind the rising operational costs for startups and market dynamics.

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Brief description of startups that constitute Fall 2014 batch of TLabs: 



It is an YouTube marketing & analytics suite for content creators, brands & MCNs that helps grow their channel, build audience base & earn more revenue organically.


wibeIt re-imagines the web where users can watch videos relevant to the content they are reading on any website. Wibe is currently offered as a browser extension compatible with websites such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon etc.



It is a big data tool that examines a brand’s social presence (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Pinterest), pick up users who are interested in its products and then calculate through deep learning which users might become its customers.


flynxIt is a browser trying to revolutionise mobile browsing. It’s a browser that doesn’t obstruct your current workflow and helps you multitask.



It helps web-publishers to optimize their website for mobile experience by creating native mobile apps. Mobapper can create native apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms on the fly.

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