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Sony Pictures’ Computers Go into a Complete Lockdown After Getting Hacked by #GOP

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On Monday, Sony Pictures, an American technology company that manages distribution of company’s film and TV productions, has been hacked and all computers at the company have been rendered completely unresponsive. The hacker group which identifies itself as #GOP, has posted a message against Sony Pictures demanding their ‘request to be met’ along with some URLs.

A now-deleted Twitter post captured by B2C, calls out to Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton, showing the same image and text and bearing the signs of attack. Some other twitter feeds lack image but all show the cyber criminal’s phrase ‘Hacked by #GOP’.




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Who is #GOP and what exactly they want is still not clear. But, as information contained in the first image, if Sony Pictures didn’t figure it out then details hacked by #GOP may be public after all.

However, in a statement to Deadline, the company said, “We are investigating an IT matter.” And, one of the employee stated, “We are down, completely paralyzed.”

Looking at the scale of the attack, the matter is very serious.Sony hasn’t revealed what are the hackers demanding from the company, and up till now there hasn’t been much movement in identifying the perpetrators and resolving the hack.

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