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Rocket Internet-backed Car Pooling Startup Tripda Enters India


Rocket Internet backed Tripda, an online ride sharing marketplace that connects people who need a ride to drivers who have empty seats in their cars, is entering India. Earlier this year, Tripda was launched in Brazil and now operates in ten countries including the US and some Asian markets. In India, it is available through its web and mobile app platforms, available for iOS and Android including payment processing.

It is directly competing with homegrown players like Meru, OlaCabs and TaxiForSure, and also with Uber which is trying to gain its hold globally.

The platform fills the long-distance (often inter-state) travel market as an alternative to buses, trains and short flights. Passengers and drivers can also set personal travel preferences, exchange messages and mutually filter travel partners taking similar journeys.

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It also verifies drivers and passengers to ensure security and safeguard user privacy, including offering a “ladies only” option for women seeking all-female rides. As per VC Circle report, in India, Tripda will be focusing on Delhi, Mumbai/Pune and Bangalore. But anyone outside these cities can use the service as well.

Here is a video which shows how the app works:

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