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Firefox Completes 10 Years; Mozilla Launches a Virtual Reality Website MozVR


After releasing experimental builds of Firefox with support for the Oculus Rift in June, on Wednesday Mozilla launched a virtual reality website- to show off the virtual reality capabilities of the web. The company announced this new suite in celebration of 10th anniversary of Firefox.

The newly launched website MozVR will share experimental ‘native VR’ Web experiences and tests from the company in the VR web community to expand the reach of web and Oculus Rift to new limits.


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The demos available on the MozVR include a WebGL based flyover of British Columbia and a visualization of data as art that accommodate Leap Motion along side the Oculus Rift.

To experience the site in virtual reality, users need a VR-enabled build of Firefox for Mac or PC, and an Oculus Rift headset. It will also work with VR-enabled builds of Chromium. Mozilla has also shared source code for MozVR to make it easier for others to build their own VR websites.

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