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Littlebit Launches IoT Kit for USD 249 to Create DIY Smarthomes

smart home kit

LittleBits Electronics, a company aiming to democratize hardware, on Tuesday announced the launch of the IoT enabled Smart Home Kit, to turn any home into smart home. The LittleBits Smart Home Kit is available online for sale with a price of USD 249.

Where nowadays with innovations in home automation, different smart gadgets are coming up, the Smart Home Kit allows people to build solutions such as retrofitted curtains to open at sunrise, remote feeders that respond to quirky pets, and more. It is already being used to create usual applications such as smart refrigerators, internet connected speakers and smart lighting system.

The Smart Home Kit comes with 14 Bits, including cloudBit, and five new Bits: MP3 player, Threshold, Number, Temperature Sensor, and IR transmitter. Also ships with a new AC switch.

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Back in July, the company launched cloudBit that allows users to add anything virtually to their connected home via its hardware and the companion app.

The company was founded in 2011 by Ayah Bdeir, it has launched more than five kits and 67 inter-operable modules with products sold in 70 countries around the world. The kits are only available in US for now

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