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Jumpy: An Open-Platform Smartwatch For Kids


How can kids be left behind in the smart world of technology! JoyRay Tech, a Taipei based hardware startup dedicated to creating smart wearables for children has created a smartwatch exclusively for kids. Its vision is to create a new approach for kids to interact and bond with their parents as well as their peers.

Jumpy, is a smartwatch designed for kids aged five to eight which is Android and iOS compatible. It has an open SDK, and a host of features software developers can play with it, including a detachable watch head, gyroscope, gesture and voice recognition and Bluetooth connectivity.

Founder and CEO Jerry Chang, believes the key to creating a kid’s smartwatch with enduring appeal is to provide an open SDK and release new apps by JoyRay and third party developers every month.

According to a study, smartwatch shipment is expected to grow to 373 million devices shipped in 2020, up from 15 million this year. Kids get a smart gadget, while anxious parents get location trackers and activity monitors to keep a tab on their offsprings.

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Jumpy is currently on Kickstarter, where it has raised about half of the USD 100,000 it is looking to raise by December 18. The smartwatch’s Kickstarter price is USD 99 and it is scheduled to ship in March.

The smartwatch will be shipped with an activity monitor app that features a cartoon dog named Chubby who reminds kids to move around and drink enough water. Jumpy features a large screen (1.6-inches square) and the watch head can detach from its silicon band. This allows it to be used as a controller in other games or attached to other devices.

Jumpy’s watch head can also be incorporated into other devices. As a stretch goal for its Kickstarter campaign, JoyRay is currently working on a charger that is shaped like a robot or dog. When inserted, Jumpy’s watch head becomes the toy’s face, giving kids yet another way to interact with it.

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The device will come pre-loaded with about eight to 10 apps, including games, an exercise reminder and monitor, a location tracker, and a messaging app that sends emojis or voice messages to smartphones and other Jumpys. Data is uploaded through WiFi to the cloud so parents can monitor their kids’ activities on an iPad app.

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Similar gadgets for the kids safety, learning and growth have been invented in the past. While the adults have their own line of wearables and gadgets, their seems to be a market for the same for the children as well. In most of the recent inventions for kids – Tablets, GPS Trackers, Smartwatches – the primary focus has been safety, since almost all these gadgets come with an accompanying app for the parents, where they can monitor the activity of their kids any time. Hence  like LG jumped into this segment with KizOn, other mainstream players might also consider this as a potential growth area.

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