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Huawei and SingTel Team up to Launch 5G Joint Innovation Program

Huawei & Singtel

Chinese smartphone and telecommunication equipment manufacturer Huawei  will launch a joint innovation program with Singapore telecommunications and multimedia company, SingTel to develop 5G technology. As revealed on Thursday, at a forum in Shanghai, both companies will set up a team to conduct the 5G trial.

Huawei has also previously announced global plans to invest a minimum of USD 600 million in the research of 5G technologies by 2018 and commercial operation of 5G telecom services is in turn expected to start globally by 2020.

5G speeds is estimated to provide 1,000 times more capacity than current mobile broadband networks. The 5G network standard will be helpful to provide faster network speeds which can download a ”1 hour HD movie” in just few seconds.

SingTel Group CTO Mr. Tay Soo Meng said, “We are pleased to participate in this 5G Joint Innovation Program with Huawei to keep abreast and appreciate 5G technologies to ensure SingTel continue its technology leadership in the mobile communications domain as we move towards the 5G era.”

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China and Singapore are not the first countries to team up for 5G development. South Korea and Samsung backed European Union are also in race to develop the technology. They are expected to launch jointly funded research projects in 2016 or 2017.

India and Israel countries also set up a joint effort to develop the global standard for the technology. The other players are also included in this space like Japan’s NTT Docomo, the U.S.’s Intel etc,

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