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Delhi Government Uses Facebook to Monitor Fair Price Shops

Delhi Government is connecting with lakhs of ration card holders through Facebook for monitoring of fair price shops. The platform is built to help the large number of ration card holders who face difficulties on daily basis due to various reasons at the nearby ration shops.

Department of Food, Supplies and Consumer Affairs of Delhi Government became the first governing body to take this unique step by creating a Facebook page to address people’s complaints and queries about the functioning of ration offices and Fair Price shops in Delhi. Department_of_Food_Delhi_Facebook

The Facebook page was launched around a month back; since then it has received over 4,000 complaints, queries and suggestions from the ration card holders across the city. Till now, over a dozen fair price shop owners have been booked by the department over the last one month based on the complaints received from people on its Facebook page.

“A show-cause notice was served to the fair price shop owners against whom complaints were registered. After issuing a notice, fine has been imposed against over a dozen shop owners,” said S.S. Yadav, secretary-cum-commissioner (Food Supplies and Consumer Affairs).

According to the officials, here is the list of majority of complaints which are subjected as

  • Untimely closure of Ration shops.
  • Cleanliness issues.
  • Charging more money than the prescribed rates approved by the government.
  • Status and Delivery of the new food.

Apart from the complaints and issues, the Facebook page also shares latest news and updates related with Food and Supplies Distribution in the capital. In a span of one month, the department has been able to reach out to more than 52,000 people through the posts on the page.

“It is really encouraging that the ration card holders, who are from lower-income groups and vulnerable households, have used the Facebook page in big numbers and provide useful insight into the functioning of the fair price shops and ration offices across the city,” an official said. With a tagline: ‘Aapka Rashan, Aapka Haq’ (Your Ration, Your Entitlement), this page is a step for a good cause initiated by Delhi Government in favor of today’s consumer who is more aware and well-informed.

Furthermore, the ration card holders can also post their issues on the official WhatsApp account with mobile number 8800950480.

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  1. 1

    Dear sir,
    I’m resident of Pithapuram, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, would like to share an issue happening in my locality ( Seethayya gari thota, Near HPGas godown). The Ration dealer is weighing the Ration rice with his gunny bag for 10 KGS. As it is 50 kilos empty rice bag, it is twisted to the end and weighing exact measurement of 10 KGS. So that we are losing some quantity in the form of gunny bag.
    Moreover, the sugar is weighed with his steel mug for issuing 1/2 kilo. The common people like me losing the provisions with some quantity. The people are shutting their mouths and not speaking against him in this situation, perhaps the Ration dealer says that he won’t give Ration to the person.
    Hence I request you to pursue the matter seriously and do justice to us
    Thanking you sir,
    Yours sincerely,

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