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Google Introduces International Voice Calls from Hangouts in India; Free Calls to US and Canada Numbers

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Google has rolled out a new feature for Google Hangouts users in India. Starting on Thursday, users can make voice calls to phone numbers outside of India from Android, iOS and the web from Hangouts in Gmail.

It’s completely free to call numbers in the U.S. and Canada and company has also introduced some low international rates if user want to call another country.

On Android, users need to install Hangouts Dialer to turn on voice calls. On iOS and the web, voice calls will be available the next time user open the app. This means is adding more competition for Microsoft owned Skype.

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Last month, Google launched a new  Hangouts Chrome App for Chrome OS and Windows, which is currently available at the Chrome Web Store for downloading with an aim to provide a simpler and a faster way  to use Hangouts on the computer.

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Also, it had recently introduced Google+ Premium features including HD-quality hangouts for its Apps customers to save time and money, enable privacy control and Google+ users set their posts as visible to colleagues and employers only or hide their profiles from public searches.

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