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Google Donates USD 10M and Mark Zuckerberg Donates USD 25M to Fight Ebola in West Africa

ebola2To add to the global efforts of fighting against Ebola, both Google and Facebook are doing their bit by donating to charitable organisations and encouraging their users to do the same.


Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg donated USD 25 million to fight deadly Ebola disease in West Africa, and soon after launched a campaign (shown above) to invite all its users to also contribute to the cause. The donation amounts start from INR 100 (USD 2) and will go to non-profit organizations managing the crisis: International Medical Corps, the Red Cross and Save the Children.


 Above shown are the organisations Google is contributing to.

Google on Monday also took a similar step, and went ahead and set up a USD 10 million fund for the same cause. And in addition to this, it is also encouraging users to donate to help the people directly affected by this epidemic. For every USD 1 donated by people, Google will donate USD 2, up till USD 7.5 million i.e USD 2.5 million in user donations and USD 5 million in double-matched funds from Google.

The donations would be evenly split between the helping organisations in case of Google, however while donating on Facebook, you can choose which organisation you want to help out.

To contribute to this cause, click here

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