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Flipkart Becomes the First E-Commerce Player to Launch a Smartwatch App

Flipkart has become the first in the industry to launch an app compatible with the Android wearable technology. The app will support viewing Flipkart wishlists on the wearable gear.

Another significant feature with this update is that the app will now support push notifications from Flipkart on the gear. This, however is possible only if users enable push notifications to be viewed via the gear. Possible future updates of the app include accessing order tracking related information, price drop notification and personalized offer notification.

Flipkart android wear screenshot

Moto 360, which is back in stocks, was launched last month and Flipkart is now the exclusive retailer in India for three globally leading wearable technology brands – Garmin, Motorola and Martian. The latest version of this app will be compatible with all the three brands and will be the first app from India to be listed on the Android wearable technology store.

To use the Flipkart wishlist on wearable devices, one has to update the Flipkart application to the latest version from the app store, then connect the wearable device to the phone. The wishlist will automatically get installed on the wearable

To download or review the app, please click here.

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