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Facebook is Making ‘Facebook at Work’ to Add Special Functionality for Professionals


Following on the lines of Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn, Facebook is extending its network from social to professional world. The company is reportedly working on ‘Facebook at Work’ to become an integral part of User’s Workday that will allow work friendly chat, document collaboration and storage.

As per ZDNet report, Facebook at Work will include separate work professional page with out including the user’s social profile information on their page or vice versa. Currently, the program is under development in London.

This upcoming feature by Facebook is going to compete with LinkedIn as a professional network, and Google Drive and Microsoft Office, as a work collaboration tool. Facebook’s last attempt to launch a new such product, i.e. Facebook email, didn’t get a good response, hopefully this time the social network will come better prepared with its strategy.

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Google recently introduced Inbox, an app designed to organize email overload. Earlier this week, IBM will also provide “A New Way to Work” in an upcoming event to revamp collaboration and email in the enterprise. Microsoft and LinkedIn also offer enterprise tools and this move will bring the Facebook in competition with these companies.

Image Source: Themuse

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