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Facebook Rolls Out a New Mobile App ‘Facebook Groups’

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Facebook seems to be focusing on mobility more than ever. First Social Network, then Messenger, Paper, Slingshot, Mentions and so on. Now in order to make its users more social, Facebook is launching a new free mobile app for its Groups feature on Android and iOS devices that lets users to quickly create, join and navigate between groups on a mobile device.

When users open the app they will find all Facebook Groups at one place and can quickly move between each group. People can track notifications and control which notifications they want to see. It allows users to manage their existing groups or discover new ones and can create a shortcut on their phone’s screen to quickly access their favorite group.

Here is a video which shows how the app works:

Two days back, the company announced that it is making ‘Facebook at Work’ to add special functionality for professionals.
Facebook said around 700 million interact with a Facebook group every month. By keeping that in mind, the Creative Labs want to build something that makes mobile experience easier. Unlike its messenger users no need to use a standalone app to access groups, the function will continue to be part of the main Facebook app as well.

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