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Twitter Co-Founder Biz Stone Launches ‘Super’ Picture Sharing App; Says It’s Just for Fun


Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone has launched a new app ‘Super‘ for Android and iOS devices that allows users to share pictures, thoughts, ideas, statements and recommendations with friends as well as social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Super is a casual app that allows users to share pictures using pre-defined tags such as The Best, the Worst, I Am, Check Out and much more. Users can post pictures from their gallery, take a new picture or even use one of the the pictures that the app offers. Then they can add their own text to complete the thought, pick a photo and sign it.

Stone admits the triviality of the app, he said that, “I’m also not going to proclaim that it’s the most innovative thing ever or that it’s going to save the world. It’s not, it’s just fun.”

The app also includes an ‘Anonymish’ feature that mean user can choose to identify themselves or remain anonymish, no its not a typo. This is intended at choosing the audience for posting to be publicly or privately.

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Earlier this year, Stone had launched the Jelly’s Q&A app, a question and answer based search app where users can ask questions, post pictures and share messages with friends. But, the app didn’t really take off however, Stone stated that his team is planning to keep it live, “We’re going to keep it there, because the people who use it, love it. I don’t see why we’d get rid of it. It’s a cool little app. When it works, it really works.”

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