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Biotech Firm Organovo Announces the Commercial Release of 3D Printed Liver Tissue


California-based biotech firm, Organovo on Tuesday announced the launch of 3D printed liver tissue for pre-clinical drug discovery testing. Now, pharmaceutical laboratories can start using it to test their early-stage drugs are toxic or not.

This model is intended to provide human-specific data to aid in the prediction of liver tissue toxicity or ADME outcomes in later stage preclinical drug discovery programs, the company wrote in a press release.

The tissue consisting of three cells (hepatocytes, stellate, and endothelial cell types) which are found in native human liver and liver cells need to be organized in a precise and reproducible pattern. The company said, 3D tissue can give better and clearer result than 2D collections of cells and makes the drug discovery process faster and cheaper.

“The 3D printed liver has successfully differentiated between structurally related compounds with known toxic and non-toxic profiles in human beings. The configuration of the bioprinted liver tissues enables both biochemical and histologic data to be collected so that a customer can investigate compound responses at multiple levels,” company added.

Organovo prints its liver tissue with a machine and its needles lay down the cells in a precise pattern. The tissues are functional and stable for at least 42 days, while researchers expose it to exploratory drugs. The company is able to print everything from bone to blood vessels to heart tissues and having long term plans to 3D print entire organs which is expected to be implanted in human in future.

In January, Organovo had partnered with national Institutes of Health Groups to print tissue for health purpose.

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