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Amazon Experiments with Taxi Cabs in US to Deliver Packages

Amazon deliveries by taxis

Amazon has been trying out different methods of order delivery in order to speed up its delivery service, the e-commerce company has been exploring various options from regional couriers to its own delivery vehicles. Now, it is testing deliveries via taxis in San Francisco and Los Angeles, to offer faster order fulfillment to the customers.

According to NDTV Gadgets, Amazon is using the taxi-hailing mobile app, Flywheel, to ship parcels via licensed cabs to distribution centers, from where they picked up as many as 10 packages bound for the same location at about USD 5 per package.

In 2013, had partnered with US Postal Services to introduce Sunday delivery of orders being placed on the webstore and expanded that program across the country.

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To enhance its delivery, Amazon has always been working on introducing a number of new methodologies and services, such as building a network of warehouses close to its urban centers and providing same day delivery in Los Angeles and Seattle for grocery products. The company had also introduced mini-distribution centers in Procter & Gamble plants from where it ships items directly to customers, without products being passed through the warehouses.

Last year, the company made headlines that it was testing out flying delivery drones to deliver packages within 30 Minutes in the customer hands. And the company’s drone program must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) rules and regulations, which are expected to come in 2015.

Image Source: WPTV

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