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Interesting Amazon Customer Support Conversations Indian Companies can Learn From

Due to the minimal level of human interaction that happens in the online shopping world, it is imperative that when any human intervention does happen, the customer should be happily satisfied at the end.

The enormous growth in online trade is very much evident. Big market players leave no stone unturned to woo potential customers and provide them best shopping experience. At Pennyful, we were looking for which online stores have the happiest buyers.

And after reading several reviews by consumers, we concluded that Amazon bags all the votes for giving customers more than a reason to smile. We can’t say for sure if they are best at servicing them always but these incidents show a good sense of humor and willingness to help in Amazon Customer Support Team, and sets an example for the Indian marketplaces to keep their customers happy.

Not Only Humans, Amazon Caters to Cats too


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Amazon Replaced a Lost PS3 for Free!

One of its customers ordered a USD 500 PlayStation 3 for her son as a Christmas present.

When the item wasn’t delivered on time, she tried to track down the package through Amazon’s site which said it had been delivered to her apartment building days earlier and signed for by one of her neighbors.

The neighbor claimed to have put it in the hallway, after which no one ever saw it. In all likelihood it was stolen — for which I could hardly blame Amazon.

Nonetheless, she got on the phone with an Amazon customer service representative, and explained what had happened: the PlayStation had been shipped, delivered and signed for.”

But after hearing the concern of the lady, the Amazon customer service guy didn’t panicked and patiently helped the victim. The team sent out a replacement on the way as soon as she hung up. She said “It arrived on Christmas Eve. Amazon didn’t even charge me for the shipping. My son was very happy. So, of course, was I.”

Amazon Did What’s Good for Valhalla

vallahaImage Source:  Reddit

Godspeed Young Amazonite


In all these examples, what is amazing to see is the Amazon employee’s impeccable sense of humor and their optimistic attitude while handling all the issues and query in an upbeat manner.

At the end we can say that, by looking at such examples, other market players should take a leaf out of Amazon’s book to build a healthy and strong bond with the consumer to further strengthen their market share.  If you too want to buy something off Amazon in India, it is giving some great coupons and cashback offers on Pennyful to make your day.


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