Reel Messenger: India’s Own Version of Skype’s Qik

Video has been more engaging and appealing than texts and the upcoming new apps in video messaging segment, gives one ample options to pick what suits their taste. Skype recently released its Snapchat-like new ephemeral video messaging app Qik. Clearly image sharing trend is involving into video sharing, yet not many know about India’s very own video messaging app “Reel Messenger”.

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Similar to Whatsapp, Reel Messenger app is Ad-free, and let’s users send quick 20 second long videos to their contacts. And like Snapchat, all videos delete automatically after being watched, however in this app one can choose how many times the video could be played.

It picks up contacts from the phonebook, hence one can only send messages to people whose numbers they have. Since messages are deleted automatically, it doesn’t require storage space, and claims to use less data too.

To download Reel Messenger for your Android phone, click here. Other popular video messaging applications on Google Play Store available are – Glide, Skype Qik, myChat, Snapchat etc.

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    I was one of de 1st users of Reel Messenging already have most of my close friends using it. Lots more stimulating than text apps like whatsapp

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