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Look What’s Trending on Social Media: #MyCleanIndia on #GandhiJayanti

By7X-ABCUAAhu8EThe Prime Minister of India spoke and the country listened. PM Narendra Modi took the lead and asked the countrymen to get up and realise that keeping the country clean is not only the responsibility of the ‘Karamcharis’, and insisted people to join him to clean India on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, and clearly enough people are in on it.

The initiative has received a tremendous response online, with people across the country voicing their support and sharing their ‘SwachBharat’ moment today. With the Prime Minister himself sharing pictures of him sweeping the streets to make a difference, people are doing their share too.



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The hashtag #CleanIndia has gotten over 21000 mentions in the last 14 hours. Whereas #GandhiJayanti has gotten 15000 mentions.






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