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Syska Launches Gadget Insurance in India; Plans Start from INR 599


SSK Group, the manufacturer of Syska LED lights has launched ‘Syska Gadget Secure‘ a complete insurance cover for phones against accidental damages, water/fluid damage, theft, burglary and fire damage. Considering how indispensable mobile phones have become in everyone’s lives, getting an insurance for them would become imperative for many.

Just like the LED business, actor Irrfan Khan is endorsing this line of products as well.

Gadget Secure is an insurance for essential gadgets and electronics, although as of now it only covers mobile phones and smartphones. As per the website, it has 4 different insurance plans starting from INR 599 and states that the gadgets will be insured for the original price of the gadget, it is currently restricted to new devices only.


The claim process for damage and theft are separate and have been defined out on the website. Additionally users can use the Syska Gadget Secure app to check their policy, claim status etc.

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The policy comes with other features like phone repair, anti-virus, phone tracking etc.

According a recent report by Gartner, the mobile user base in India is expected to grow to 815 million this year, with India’s 1.2 billion people, that is a high level of penetration. There are many people are willing to pay for extended warranty, and many who have to save up money to buy a high end phone. A mobile insurance will come as a boon for them. However considering in most of the plans, the insurance cost is not even 10% of the claim value, for a fragile commodity like mobile phones, this could be misused. While the theft claims mandate involvement of the police authorities, it is not clear how will the company rule out intentional damages from actual ones.

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    We are Insurance surveyors and had been assessing loses for Mobile Insurance claim. We have complete expertise in the line and our past experience is that this is very good risk management for every Mobile user. We as a insurance surveyor can take up the bulk assignments and guide the insurer for safe and merit base assessment of loss.
    We can be contacted @

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  3. 3

    How about iPhone 7 insurance from Times Global Insurance which is purchased from USA, but name on invoice is different?

  4. 4

    Dear friend.
    Please don’t west you money.
    Use any insurance company plan but don’t use Siska service.
    It’s not good company.
    Siska frod company.
    Please don’t use please.

  5. 5

    I have purchased 2 iPhone SE from USA. Can I insure both of them from Times Global I surance under their Global iPhone protection Plan? Do you have coupon code for some discount over it?

  6. 6

    Anyone here Any employés please replay my comment.
    Good compny aap daily insurance compny is to Good compny my dear all fraind

  7. 7

    This is frod company.
    My phone after 2,3 month under repire but not giving me please fraind.
    Don’t give this policy please

  8. 8
  9. 9

    There are several better options available in the market for securing your mobile. You should definitely go for GizmoHelp mobile protection plans. Personally, I am very satisfied with their service. Last month, my phone was damaged and their staff was very helpful throughout the claim process.

  10. 13

    Bakwas hair bhul sent bhi dosto ye insu mat Lena mobile bigadta hai to customer wale air nahi mail me dwara koi and nahi deta khali bus paisa kamana janti hai ye company

  11. 14

    Believe me guys..go for Times Global Insurance for your expensive iPhone or Smartphones .I found in my research that only this company is reliable and all other companies are just want to take our hard earned money.

  12. 15

    yaa, u can try with Times Global Insurance, I insured my iphone 6s from Times Global Insurance which I brought from USA, but I dont have any idea of laptop insurance.Call customer care for more information.

  13. 16


    I’m writing to you to inform you about the pain and harassment caused to me by your company Syska gadget secure. I have been a victim of the bad work attitude and fake promises for over 2 months by Syska gadget secure.

    This is in reference to a claim for getting my phone repaired, which was approved after a week on 14th oct CIN No.: 1510142775,

    From here the misery of my life began. I thought once approved phone would be picked up as declared with in a day or two from me. But what Syska team did went on over 2 months of mockery of my patience and good faith in the gadget security providing brand.

    Calling Syska has become like a painstaking ,time consuming another job in itself for me. Every time i complaint at toll free customer care and Mumbai based customer care (022 26598645) I would repeatedly inform them about my ordeal and every time I was bluntly told it would be taken care of but all was in vain, waste of my time and patience.

    False promises were made which have never been followed. To an extent that I think my patience has been made fun of with a Skyska representative telling me “kya bol rahe ho sir abhi tak nahi hua”
    And still no pick up was made after closing the call. Not even a single assurance call regarding why delay was happening or when the pick up guy would come in.

    I feel by taking the Syska secure plan I have been framed as its been only me who has followed up with my weekly complaints. regarding the same unresolved issue repeatedly.

    Due to the fake promises and continuous dilemma of when will be the phone, be repaired by Syska. I had to make a tough decision to investment to buy a new smart phone.

    Though repair of my phone whose payment had already been paid by me when I undertook the insurance policy has been never endingly delayed process.
    Also to be noted is the harassment caused to me with the fake promises for over period of months.

    As you know the phone is a basic necessity in today’s life with most of the work getting through online my work also suffered and couldn’t wait unassured and use a spare basic phone.

    Your my last hope, now I would require my claiming rights as Syska gadget secure is a big brand but has failed to provide me timely security. The prime reason customers purchase insurance is for peace of mind. Which was what I never got. It has been a continuous stress. Syska has failed to live by its motto.

    If the matters go worst from your end also. I would be left with no choice but to go legal , through consumer forums and court after this email/ message. As that is all I would be left with.

    Looking forward for your action to avoid further hassle, harassment and inconvenience.

    Kindly feel free to call me or email

    on 23 rd of December i wrote to syska on their Official Facebook Page and their email, but still they haven’t
    cared to get back and resolve the complain.

    • 17

      Thanks Ritesh for writing this valuable review,I was confused about Syska and Times Global Insurance for my Sony Xperia Z5 insurance.I saw lots of advertisements of SYSKA and had heard lot of appreciation about Times Global Insurance.Now I m gonna definitely buy insurance from only Times Global Insurance at-least I don’t want such a mess at the time of taking claim.

    • 18

      Hi Ritesh,
      This same thing has happening to me as well. Been nearly 2 months now since I gave my mobile phone in repair. Just out of curiosity, did you get your phone back? If yes, after how many days?

  14. 19
  15. 20

    Hey guys I have a query what is we buy a device(phone,laptop) from US and apply for insurance here in India. Do we even get the insurance coverage??
    I tried reading on the terms page but couldn’t find anything restricting the place of purchase, if anyone has any idea regarding this please share.

    thank you in advance. 🙂

  16. 21

    I will strongly recommend Times Global insurance for your mobile phone insurance.
    M Monika Saxena from lucknow. I want to share my personal experience of mobile insurance. Few months back I brought a iPhone 6 from amazon.And very next day of delivery I did online insurance of my iPhone from Times Global Insurance.(it was recommended by my younger brother).
    Around 10 days later while travelling to kanpur I lost my mobile in a local taxi. (I forgot in taxi and unable to trace it).
    Anyway I called customer care of Times Global insurance and the customer service told me to send a complaint copy from a local police station to them via mail and also told me to update my bank account.
    I filed a simple complain and mailed the copy to them and boom. .I was surprised to saw that Within just 3 days I got rs 43500 in my bank account.
    That was a perfect example of commitment and customer service.
    Which I saw in Times Global insurance.

  17. 22

    I m Gyan Prakash , I purchased a Macbook Pro Worth Rs.76,500 from a online E-commerce website last year.And just 2 months back I took insurance of my laptop from TIMES GLOBAL INSURANCE through their website
    I paid Rs.4320 for One year Insurance Plan for my laptop and got a Policy document.When I took that plan I was assigned with a Relationship Manager Mr. Arun Kumar.He told me that on the event of theft or loss I will be paid 90% of my invoice value.Just 10 days Back I lost my Laptop in Rajeev Chowk Metro Station,New Delhi.
    I realized it I immediately file a complain and took a copy of it.I called customer care and was told me to Email that complain copy,I was Promised that I will get Money in 3-5 Working days but believe me it took then 25 Days to settle my claim.Every time I call them they say YOUR CASE IS STILL PENDING & CLAIM MANAGEMENT TEAM IS COMMUNICATING TO CONCERN POLICE STATION.
    What the hack it was, I should get my money and they should do their stuff after that, y a customer is getting harassed.Finally after 25 days I was paid just Rs.60,800 which was again a annoying act.When I asked reason that why you deduct 20% instead of 10% depreciation, then I was told that my laptop was 1 year old at the time of Insurance.
    Hey Com-on guys, You should have told me this at the time of insurance.
    Then y u cheat people like this.When you claim everywhere that you are Rank 1 Company in India for Mobile & Laptop Insurance then y You cheat people.
    A big brand never ever do this.This will surely give a negative impact on customers.

    • 23

      Are you out of your mind,company paid you ten times of your premium in just few days, now what else you want old man.Some people are just asshole.

      • 24

        Guy is talking about commitment that company is giving when selling their product. Company isn’t doing any favors by paying. They are bound to do it.
        And what kind of name is Munna? LOL

  18. 25

    -it is to say that i bought a mobile samsung e-500 from laxmi watch and radio house new market bhopal `m.p. during purchasing shopkeeper who is also a agent of syska gudget secure. shopkeeper told me to buy insurense of syska gudget secure and told me that it is compulsary to get insurense of such mobile for rs 899/- and it will provide insurence claim if mobile theft. stolen or damaged. then i agareed and i bvought this insurense of rs 899/-.In the instruction of syska gudget it is clear written that if mobile theft stolen or damaged the claim for insurence will be provided. now mobile samsund of rs 15000/- is theft from my home and i am claiming insurence from syska gudget then they are saying your case is rejected. this company is making fool the peolple by taking people valuable money. this is farud company.i have submittes all required document in that comany such as police report insurense form simblocking report subragation for etc. but they are not giving claim amount of rs 15000/- my CLAIM NUMBER IS–1506255278 PLEASE HELPME PROVIDE INSURE AMOUNT OF RSV15000/- THANKING YOU S K FARUQUI H NO 31 ESAT FARUQUI COTTGAE KAMLA PARK BHOPAL M.P MY MOBILE NUMBER IS 9893845962

  19. 26

    Thanks alot man for sharing your valueable experience !!! actually i bought iphone 5s so i was planning to go with syska but true ifthe headoffice is in mumbai then there is no point of go with syska . 🙂 n no problem bro , vill not buy insurance from syska .

  20. 28

    This is a FRAUDE company!
    it does not give any insurance. i am one of its thousands of real victims. I went for the insurance after buying my sony z2 phone. just after one month my phone was stolen. when i claimed for it first they tried to befool me by asking me for various documents. i provided them each and every bit of the information they required. but there was no response. suddenly after two and a half months they said it orally that my claim has been denied. i cant go to consumer forum to lodge a case but they dont have a branch in Delhi. so i have to go to mumbai to lodge a case against them. so, Please don’t buy any insurance from SYSKA…

  21. 29

    They are the cheaters…. Liars, fooling common peolple and collecting their profits…. Please
    share as much as you can, ask you friends to share all over the
    internet. Lets teach this Syska company a lesson. Theaters main TV per
    har jagah ye log add ker rahe ki mobile phones k liiye Syska ka
    insurance cover kharid ne k liye. Is product ki
    ad famous actor Irfan Khan ker rahe hai. Sab ko pata chale k ye log
    hume kaise ulloo banate hai.. Mager aaj hum inhe batyenge k hume ulloo
    bana ka natija kya hota hai. Aam admi ki takat kya hoti hai.. Lets show
    them who we are and what we can do.. Mere is kadam se shayad un logo ko
    bhi claim mil jaye jinhe Syska walo ne shabso k jaal main uljha ker
    claim reject ker diyaa tha. Please this where ever you can..

  22. 30
  23. 31
  24. 32

    i am buy a new Nokia Lumia 730 cost is 15300/-
    so , which insurance is applicable to cover full cost of my phone….

  25. 33

    i am buy a new samsung galaxy prime cost is 15000/-
    so , which insurance is applicable to cover full cost of my phone
    and also i am stay in malad west . so our branch is their in malad

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