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Skype to Disconnect Local Voice Calls Feature in India


Microsoft owned company, Skype announced that it is expected to stop delivering calls to Indian land-lines and mobiles from with in India starting November 10. However, Skype calls from India to other countries are still enabled as well as outside the country users can make calls to mobiles and land-lines in India. The company is also giving Skype Unlimited World subscription of one month for free to users who are affected by this announcement.

As per a TOI report, Government regulations do not allow such companies to make internet-based calls originating from India. Therefore, such companies reroute the calls (made by India-based users) internationally, thus circumventing the law.

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The other player in this space is Viber, which offers similar service, but it is not clear whether the app also plans to make such a move. Last month, WhatsApp had also announced that it is set to launch a free voice calling feature for its 600 million monthly active users.

In March this year, Facebook has covertly launched its own free voice calling for Android users in India. Now that Facebook has separated Facebook Messenger from the main app, messenger users can use this service.

Image Source: Telecom Talk

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