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mParticle Closes USD 1.5M in Seed Funding to Become Mobile Data Integration Platform


Cloud-based platform, mParticle has secured USD 1.5 million funding in Seed investment led by Bowery Capital, Harbinger Capital, and Battery Ventures. The company plans to raise a Series A next year. The new funds are expected to be used for growth and for becoming a Mobile Data Integration Platform for developers.

Recently, the firm had received USD 3 million Seed investment and is currently having a total capital of USD 4.5 million including the latest round. It is backed by 12 investors. Launched in 2012, as a venture of CEO Michael Katz, CTO Andrew Katz and CPO Jason Lynn, mParticle consists of 11-50 employees in its current team.

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Michael Katz told Tech Crunch that mParticle developers often integrate with a crash reporting tool, plus at least one analytics product, plus another product for push notifications, and another for email, and yet another for ad attribution. Without a service like mParticle, he said the likely result is “app bloat from all these third party libraries.”

Katz said that the platform integrates with new services in response to developer interest, with the process only taking a few days.

The company’s home page is having various integrations including AppNexus, Facebook, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, Urban Airship, DATADOG, Kahuna, hockeyAPP among others.

There’a shift away from the browser, So whether you’re talking about mobile apps, wearable apps, and ultimately apps in your automobiles and smart TVs, you’re going to need data solutions that are built to deal with the complexities of browserless environments,” Katz added.

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