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Microsoft to Provide Cloud Tools for Tackling Ebola Virus


Microsoft is planning to provide its Azure cloud-computing and research application platform for tackling Ebola virus. The platform is expected to be help users to access large amount of information and computing power remotely over the internet.

In addition we have some tools that Microsoft researchers built to be able to do vaccine discovery, so we want to take all of that and make it available for the research community,” said the company’s chief executive, Satya Nadella on Monday at a presentation in San Francisco.

As per a Reuters report, access to Microsoft’s vast web of data centers could be helpful to researchers looking to store and analyze large sets of data that would be difficult to study using only local computers and networks.

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In August, the company has also announced that it is planning to set up its first cloud data centre in India, as according to Gartner, public cloud services market in India is expected to grow from USD 423 million in 2013 to USD 1.3 billion in 2017.

According to corporate VP and Microsoft CIO Jim Dubois, Cloud services are the fastest growing segment for the company, though it contributes less than 5% to Microsoft’s overall revenue as of now. “It (cloud services) is growing double, triple digit every month, not every year,” 

“We are considering a data centre in India. There are a lot of different companies that are looking at cloud right now, in anticipation that Microsoft will somehow figure out how to get that work,” said Jim Dubois.

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