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Microsoft to Launch a Wearable Device Soon with Multiple Platform Support

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Microsoft is planning to launch a wearable device in next couple of weeks with health tracking capabilities and two-day battery life. It is expected to work across different mobile platforms – iOS, Android and so on.

According to a Forbes report, Microsoft hasn’t disclosed the name of the device and what it will cost at retail. In May this year, the company had also announced to launch a new smartwatch this summer compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. Microsoft also added that wearable is packed with sensors including optical components designed by Xbox Kinect team.

The other players included in this category are: Apple, Google, Samsung, Pebble and Sony. Apple Inc. had released a smartwatch on September 9 that will support health and fitness tracking with communications and will go on sale in early 2015. South Korean company, Samsung also unveiled Galaxy Gear smartwatch last year.

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As per Business Insider recent report, “Microsoft is planning to create a wearable that would address one of the biggest criticisms we’ve heard about smart watches so far. Most smart watches don’t really offer much functionality that your phone doesn’t already offer-making a $200-$300 product a hard sell for most consumers.”

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