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An Initiative for a Good Cause: Karnataka Government Launches “Healthizen” app

healthizenappKeeping in mind today’s tech-savvy and web-based generation, Government of Karnataka has taken a step forward in promoting BJP’s Swachh Bharat campaign by launching the “Healthizen” app for all the Smartphone users. The imperative feature of this app is to involve common people directly with the government authorities to address issues regarding community health and hygiene in their native city.

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Developed by Health and Family Welfare department, this mobile application has been launched currently in the Banglore City on a trial basis and depending on the response it will soon be available in the other cities as well. Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan released this app on October 17th and has said “This app would certainly increase awareness among citizens to maintain better and healthy living standards in their city.”


How it works:

This application works in three steps –

1. Click the picture of the place you find unclean or have inadequate facilities as far as health is concern, upload it and then select the category of the nature of flag (referred as complaint).

2. Fill in your personal details.

3. Click the send button, the app directly sends the complaint to the e-mail account of health personnel department who will further take the necessary action on that matter.

Check out the video below to know more:

This application is available on Google Play Store as a free download and with GPS it will provide the exact location of where the image is clicked.

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