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India Expresses itself on Twitter: #WhoIsOnTheList, # BhagodiBJP

Amidst of constant media coverage on every social, political or national issue, the social media users always have their interesting take on such discussions. The burning issue of Blackmoney holders is doing the rounds from the last couple of days on various social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook etc.

Another topic which is related to government formation in the national capital has also created a dilemma in the minds of the centre government. Being a mute spectator on both the topics, BJP is under constant scrutiny and is facing lot of flak for their untold actions.

Later on, the NDA-led central government submitted a secret list to Supreme Court on Wednesday comprising of 627 names of Indians having accounts in foreign banks.


Here are some reactions on Twitter against the Modi government while watching this big mess:





Interestingly, people’s point of view on these two topics is mixed. Here are some reactions in favor of the Modi government:



Twitter debates are usually engaging and entertaining for those read, however looking at the increasing number of political issues being raised on the portal one can only hope the parties themselves don’t misuse the power of this media channel.

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