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GSF Joins DreamPlus Alliance with 10 Asian Accelerators; Helps Whatfix Raise USD 300k


GSF, an Indian accelerator that has invested in more than 35 start-ups till now, has joined ten other Asia’s accelerators to form an alliance named DreamPlus which is initiated by Korean business conglomerate Hanwha Group.

The other members of the alliance are GSF from India, DreamPlus from Korea, Chinaccelerator and Innospace from China, Ideaspace from Indonesia, Open Network Lab from Japan, Mad Incubator from Malaysia, Indeaspace from Philippines, Fatfist Internet Group from Singapore, Pinehurst from Taiwan, M8VC from Thailand and Egg Accelerator from Vietnam, reported VC Circle.

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In Korea, at the inaugural DreamPlus day, out of 11 start-ups (one from each Alliance member) WhatFix has won a price of USD 300K from Hanwha Group, in a competition. WhatFix is a GSF accelerated start-up which is Bangalore-based, founded by Khadim Batti and Vara Kumar Namburu in 2011.  It is a SaaS-based customer engagement platform that helps companies to reduce support queries and improve user engagement along with B2C solution.

Currently, the firm having its operations in Europe and America and plans to expand to South Korea and other South Asian markets. As per Your Story report, it aims to  enhance self-service capability of web-based products and applications and provide interactive knowledge flows to enhance product adoption.

Image Source: Your Story

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