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Google to Provide Unlimited Free Cloud Storage to Students

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Google has announced that it will offer free Google Drive Storage for students to upload individual file sizes up to 5TB in size. The service is expected to be live in coming weeks and will be available to students whose schools are part of the Apps for Education programme. It will allows the users to access their data via internet-connected smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks etc.

Every file uploaded to Google Drive is encrypted, not only from your device to Google and in transit between Google data centers, but also at rest on Google servers. As always, the data that schools and students put into our systems is theirsClassroom, which recently launched to Google Apps for Education users, makes using Drive in school even better by automatically organizing all Classroom assignments into Drive folders. And Google Apps for Education remains free to nonprofit educational institutions with no ads or ads-related scanning, wrote by Ben Schrom, the product manager for Google Apps for Education in a Blog Post.

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The company is also planning to release Google Apps Vault for apps for education customers by the year end. Reporting and auditing tools and an Audit API to see the activity of the files is also on the way, the company said.

As per a CloudReviewHQ report, in May, Google announced a free tool in Google Apps named Classroom that would allows teachers to automatically organize assignments into folders.

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