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Google Opens Fit SDK; Launches Fit App to Capture Fitness Data at One Place

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On Tuesday, Google announced the release of Google Fit APIs for Android, Android Wear and the web for developers to build and publish apps for users on Google Play. And along with that it announced the launch of Google Fit app on Google Play for smartphones, tablets, Wear, and on the web at

Google Fit Android App will capture all the activities throughout the day like walking, running and cycling as well as displaying key fitness data. This app will provide an opportunity for users to discover apps that help them track their fitness goals using Google Fit.

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Users can install the app on their phone, also access it with their Google account and the app tracks everything like week to week and day to day activities. Users can set goals based on either duration or steps and see their progress throughout the day, can also receive performance-based recommendations for activity goals.

With the launch of Google Fit APIs, any developer can store or read the user’s data from Google Fit, after user’s permission of course, and use it to build powerful and useful fitness experiences for their users.

The other players in this space is preparing to launch their apps for Google fit such as Nike+ Running, Withings HealthMate, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Noom Coach and 6 new partners are also added by the company including Strava, MapMyRun, LynxFit, LifeSum, FatSecret, and Azumio.

In April, Facebook has bought fitness tracking app Moves that can tell users details like calories burned distance travel etc. FlyFit, another wearable health tracking device tries which is currently running its Kickstarter campaign, tries to stand apart from the crowd by attaching itself to a different body part – the ankle.

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