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Google+ has 2 Billion Accounts; While Facebook had just 1.3 Billion in Q2 2014

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According to data collected by Greg Miernicki, a technology professional, Google+ now has more then 2 billion accounts. Google had not made this data public, the techie had himself been tracking this information using third party tools.

However, a Google team member, Mark Traphagen,  accepts the accuracy of this data in a post. He also clarified the following misconceptions that might arise among people after seeing this number:

1) These aren’t all “active” accounts. That’s right. And it’s wrong. If by “active” you mean “doing stuff at” you are correct. But see objection #2

2) Non-active accounts aren’t “real” Google+ accounts and shouldn’t be counted. NO <buzzer!> They are only inactive in one small part of Google+. But most of these are active accounts anyway, as far as Google is concerned.

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Statistic: Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide from 3rd quarter 2008 to 2nd quarter 2014 (in millions) | Statista


As per the social user stats on Statista, Facebook had 1.3 Billion accounts till second quarter of this year. This might come as a surprise, since the popular notion has always been that Facebook is a more popular social network. The difference in the numbers could be attributed to the fact that Google used to have a mandatory Google+ sign up for its different products. Also, any person having or creating a Gmail account would automatically get enlisted on Google+ as well. Google has recently changed this.

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