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Facebook to Launch a Whisper-Like Anonymous Messaging App


Facebook is planning to launch a mobile app that will allows users to communicate anonymously, similar to apps such as Secret and Whisper. It is expected to allow users to share posts anonymously with one another and also have health-focused features to connect users suffering from the same illnesses to create a kind of support network.

According to a New York Times report, the app will go live in the coming weeks and will allow anonymous photo sharing. It is still unclear that the standalone app will connect to Facebook’s main page and users’ account, or how friend interactions and existing friend connections will work.

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Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had confirmed that releasing standalone apps would be a top priority for the social networking site. Facebook-owned Instagram has also unveiled an ephemeral standalone private messaging app called Bolt.

Apart from this, social networking company plans additional features such as mobile payments. Last month, it introduced web ad network and yesterday closed WhatsApp acquisition with an additional USD 3 billion to the initially stated USD 19 billion, and now having a price tag of USD 22 billion due to increased value of Facebook’s Stock in recent months.
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