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Dothraki Companion: A Mobile App for Learning Fictious Language from Game of Thrones

zap-game-of-thrones-season-4-pics-014Winter is Coming and an app for learning Dothraki is here. Fans of the hit series of novel and HBO show Game of Thrones can now learn the fictious Dothraki language on an iOS device. Written by David J. Peterson, who developed the language for the HBO series, the app description says that ‘Dothraki Companion app will arm you with enough vocabulary and grammar to have a complete conversation in Dothraki. Me nem nesa!(It is known}’

While the fans are waiting for the 6th installment of the book and the next season of the show to return, this app has come at a good time. The app however comes with a price tag on iTunes of USD 3.99 (INR 250)


The app includes interactive games, over 300 vocabulary flashcards, a comprehensive grammar summary, culture notes, and a conversational dialogue. The Living Language Dothraki Companion app can be used with the Living Language Dothraki book and audio course and the Living Language Dothraki Expanded Online Course for extra practice.

Although the series has quite a following, it can’t be said for sure if the app will catch up too. However, the idea is notable for sure, let’s see if a High Valyrian one comes out soon too.

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