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Discussion between Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos and Kiran Karnik on SMEs in India


Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO,, said in an interactive session with Kiran Karnik at Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), that Indian SMEs should “lean into the future and get hooked to the digital platform” so as to reach a global audience. is also exploring possibilities to help take Indian SMEs global. has developed local innovations like Easy Ship to help SMEs eliminate the burden of logistics.

Some of the other key points discussed were:

· The core values that have led to Amazon’s success are: an obsession with customer satisfaction, a passion for invention and long term thinking. SMEs can also benefit from such thinking.

· is helping SMEs tap a larger market by helping them build digital product catalogues with better product images to increase customer appeal.

·’s has half a million sq feet of storage space in India. This is growing by leaps and bounds and the company “expects to double it or more by 2015.”

· India is unique because of the millions of SMEs present and this creates opportunities for innovation.

During the session, Jeff also touched on aspects like his leadership style, early days at Amazon and his personal passion for space.

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