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Autodesk invests USD 100M in 3D Printing Technology


In order to strengthen its position in 3-D printing space, Autodesk is opening a USD 100 million fund called Spark Investment Fund for start-ups and designers which are interested in developing hardware, software, material, marketplaces and maker spaces over the next several years. The selected startup who receive money from the Spark Investment Fund will become part of the Autodesk’s Spark partner program and can access marketing and other developer services available for Spark partners.

Autodesk’s current partners include 3D Hubs, Authentise, Dremel, Local Motors and MatterFab. The company introduced its 3D printing Spark platform in May to create specially designed objects.

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According to a Blog Post on the company website, Spark is an open 3D printing software platform that will make it easier for hardware manufacturers, software developers, materials scientists, product designers, and others to participate in and benefit from this technology. Itk connects digital information to 3D printers in a new and streamlined way, making it easier to visualize and optimize prints without trial and error, while broadening the range of materials used for printing.

Numerous industries recognize the value of tapping into entrepreneurs or startups with better ideas and approaches, and 3D printing is no exception,” said Samir Hanna, general manager and Vice President.

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