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Heard: An App Trying to Become the Netflix of Social Content

heardHeard, is a social exchange application that is trying to revolutionize the way people share and exchange content online. The app allows every Heard user receives personalized content based on Heard’s content matching systems.

The company’s vision is to create a sharing ecosystem where every piece of content finds its appropriate audience. The app facilitates sharing in a manner, so that content finds its ideal audience and users can connect through content rather than online social contacts and followings.

Key offerings of this app: The real-time sharing of the content posted by the users is distributed on Heard’s various channels including Public, Tech, Entertainment and Lifestyle. Users can create five types of content to be shared, including Say, Predict, Poll, Ask and Leak. Users can choose to be completely anonymous or can be identified through badges or full profile. Users whose content is viewed the most will have better distribution and online status.

How it works:

1. Watch the Roll: Open posts to see Content, Comments and Stats.

2. Look for Icons: Icons tell you more about the type of post who created it and whats happening with it.

3. Setup Profile: Enter your info and add badges. Choose how to be identified later.

4. Create your Post: Tap the smiley, create your post and choose how to be identified.

Heard is content sharing through the creation and distribution of privatized and personalized online content in real-time. This app for iOS, Android and windows platforms, but is not yet available in India.

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