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Android Lollipop is Here with Google Nexus 6, 9 and Player


Google is finally out with the first devices running Android 5, or as the customary nomenclature call it Android Lollipop.

The company has finally come out with its speculated HTC Nexus 9 tablet and Motorola Nexus 6 phone. And also with a surprise Nexus player.

Android 5 Lollipop

This latest version of Android comes with visual and interface enhancements to give users an omni-device experience across both mobile and wearable gadgets, Google is terming this new update as Material Design. This is not restricted to only the obvious devices like smartphones and smartwatches, but also to Internet enabled home entertainment systems and vehicles equipped with Android Auto.


Google says with Android L, users will be able to continue doing what they are doing even when they switch between devices.

The songs, photos, apps, and even recent searches from one of your Android devices can be immediately enjoyed across all of your Android devices.

Android 5 comes consumes relatively less battery as compared to its successors, the same was said about Android KitKat. Also, this version comes with enhanced security options, new devices come with encryption automatically turned on to help protect data on lost or stolen devices. Multiple users can be set for phones. In case one forgets their phone, they still can call any of the friends (or access any of your messages, photos etc.) by simply logging into another Android phone running Lollipop.

HTC Nexus 9 Tablet

HTC Nexus 9

HTC Nexus 9 is a 8.9″ inch Android 5 powered tablet with a 64-bit processor.

It has 8MP rear camera, 1.6MP front camera, with front-facing HTC BoomSound™ speakers. CPU has 64-bit NVIDIA 2.3 GHz Tegra K1 processor. The tablet comes in 3 colours and 16 GB and 32 GB versions.

It is available for pre-order starting from October 17th.

Motorola Nexus 6 Smartphone


Motorola is the maker of the latest member of Nexus phone series, with 5.96-inch display it’s more of a phablet though.

The phone comes with Snapdragon 805 quad-core 2.7GHz processor and Adreno 420 GPU gives you brilliant graphics. It has a f2.0 lens and a 13 megapixel camera with optical image stabilization to capture good photos in daylight and low light.

Coming in two colours, black and white, and in 32 GB, 64 GB versions, the phone will be available for pre-order in late October. Motorola says the new phone will cost at least USD 650, seems like its giving competition to Apple even in this area.

Asus Nexus Player


Google’s Nexus Player comes as a pleasant surprise. It is a streaming entertainment console that can be connected to a TV, the first Android TV device to have come out.

It can be used for to streaming music, movies, and TV shows and also for playing games using a specially designed gaming remote (Shown above). And yes, like other Android L devices, content syncs on Player as well.

The player comes with an in-built mic, so that one can use voice control to operate it.

It comes with a 1.8GHz Quad Core, Intel® Atom™ processor and has HDMI and WiFi connectivity. According to Recode Nexus Player will be available for USD 99 and its game controller for USD 39, The Nexus Player will be available to preorder from 17th October

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    its amazing, the camera market was killed by phones, laptop market was intruded by tablets, then came the “phablets”. Now we have gaming + android TV, all set to kill Xbox & PS3!

    (i know there’s PS4, but PS3 rhimes with TV ;))

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