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Amazon Brings ‘Pay With Amazon’ Processing Service to India

The online marketplace Amazon India has confirmed that it has brought ‘Pay With Amazon‘ service to India that is expected to be live on Wednesday with and 

Other sellers who will be offering this service soon are,,, and Amazon had launched this service in US last year.

As per an NDTV Gadgets reports, “Sellers can tap into the growing base of online users by converting their static websites into digital storefronts, enabling them to reach Amazon shoppers across India,” said Srinivas Rao, General Manager Payments, Amazon India. “Through an easy set up process and integrated order management and payments, ‘Pay with Amazon’ helps sellers completely outsource their transactional needs, focus on the core business of sourcing and generate higher return on investment.”

Here is a video which shows Payment details, and how customers can make their profile in different places.

The company has also assured that the users’ credit-card information will not be shared with the participating merchants, which might in turn limit the system’s appeal for merchants. It also states that it will not be having any details regarding what its users are actually buying, but will only have access to the dollar amount.

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