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10 Unconventional Ideas to Promote your PPC Campaigns

It is not necessary that your PPC ad always takes the user to a product or service details page from where he may complete the conversion.

There are other touchpoints in the buying cycle where you can interact with the customer and prompt him to complete the conversion. Let’s check the different options that we may employ in our PPC campaigns.*

1. Free trial

Creating an enticing ad where you offer a free trial for a service can encourage people to click through to find out more.

If they sign up for the free trial, you will have their details and you can contact them after the free trial to turn them into paying consumers, if they haven’t done it already.

And even if they have only clicked on your ad and did not sign for the free trial, you can always re-market them later.

Either way, offering a free trial will direct new and potential consumers to the top of your sales funnel.

Product/Service promoted: SEO Services

Take Action: If feasible, offer scope for free demo or trial for a short period.

2. Blog

Consumers like to have information that adds value to their life. Then, at the end of the post, you can entice them with a good call to action to the next step of your sales process. Businesses that blog often can expect to see an increase in their lead generation.

You don’t have to advertise every blog post you have; however, selecting few that people may find interesting and match your key product /service benefits would be an ideal solution.

Product/Service promoted: Cosmetics

Take Action: Start a blog for your site and occasionally, promote it through your posts.

3. Newsletter

Newsletters are a great medium to engage with existing and potential customers. They keep customers updated about your latest products, offers, news and updates.

However, don’t make subscription mandatory, as that would irritate the customers. Once they opted to become part of your emailing list, you can contact and process them down a particular sales path.

Once in a while, market your newsletter through ads, as shown below:

Product/Service promoted: Epilepsy Treatment

Take Action: Promote optional subscription to your newsletter. Don’t make your newsletter only sales-focused. Have news and generic articles related to your business, as well.

4. Activity on Social Media

Without doubt, Social Media can support the branding of your company. Therefore encouraging users to visit and follow your social media platforms can really push your brand image forward. 

Users are more likely to buy a product from you when they know more about your brand. So it is important that you display your social media links in your landing page prominently.

Take Action: Be active on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+)

– Regularly update your Social Media profiles.

– Actively engage with the users who visited your Social Media profiles.

– Don’t just sell through your Social Media profiles. Create generic content about your industry or products, give news and updates.

5. Videos

Videos are a great way to interact with your target audience.  They are shared 12 times more than texts on social media.

Therefore linking your PPC campaign to a promotional video can often be a good method of ensuring that your audience receives the message that you want to promote.*

PPC ad with video (in YouTube when searched for ‘spa resort’)

Nothing beats videos in branding purpose, that go viral. You may create a video easily and economically. If your content is unique, it may go viral. Look at the example below:

          Funnily shocking video that successfully branded Blendtec Blenders as ‘strong & reliable’

Take Action: Create promotional videos and link them to your PPC campaign.

– Create videos of other content linked to your business, like how-to or instructional videos.

– At the end of your videos, include a link that will direct them to a unique landing page.

6. ‘About Us’ Page

An about us page is a very important section of your website. This page can help develop your unique brand image, gain consumer trust and develop business.*

Ad goes to ‘About Us’ page. Essentially, the ad is soliciting donations.

Take Action: Have a ‘About Page’ in your website.

 – Include information that can build trust and confidence among your customers.

– If your business is such that you need to first build trust, then lead him to your ‘About Us’ page. Otherwise, you can have the ‘About Us’ page as one of your sitelinks.

 7. ‘Contact Us’ Page

The contact us page is an important aspect of your business.

Remember, some users may like to speak to an advisor or correspond via email to make inquiries, especially before making a purchasing decision.*

‘Contact Us’ page used as a clickable link

Take Action: Have a ‘Contact Us’ page.

– Offer different options of contacting you – email, phone, chat, form.

– You may also try ‘Contact Us’ page as one of your sitelinks to boost sales.

8. Podcasts

If someone in your organisation is part of a radio broadcast that is related to your business, or has produced a related audio blog, then have a link to the podcast and make it downloadable.

Collecting the information of the podcast downloads (through a sign up form) could provide you the details of potential customers, who you can later target through email marketing or Google Remarketing.

Take Action: Display prominently the link to your podcast on your home and all other landing pages.

9. Webinars

Webinars produce results! They can induce a high number of users to listen to your brands, thoughts and suggestions. Therefore hosting one and directing people to the sign-up form can help you achieve definite traction.

Even if they don’t buy directly from the webinar, there is the benefit you will gain their contact information.

A webinar will also cement your image as an industry leader with significant expert knowledge.*

Cancer drugs promoted through webinars

Take Action: Hold webinars and promote them through PPC ads.

10. Chat Facility

If you run a chat facility, users will use the service to make different inquiries and clarify their doubts.

At the beginning of the chat, the customer service representative can request for the user’s email address and other contact information, and then process him through your sales funnel.

In case, the sale is not completed during the chat, then you can pursue him again later courtesy the information already gathered.*

Take Action: If you have chat facility, promote it in some of your PPC ads. It is a good channel to have positive interaction with potential clients.


In PPC campaigns apart from product or service pages, there are many different places or landing pages that you can send your audience to and process them through the sales funnel.

Create a list of all the possible places and implement them into your PPC campaigns. Analyse the data and understand which places work the best.

Which places give you good conversions? Are there any places we missed out? Comment below and let’s start a discussion.

About the Author:

Abhijit Gogoi is the Head of Digital Content, Kapsica Media. He has 6+ years of experience in the domain of online marketing and strategy, including 5 years at Google. He can be reached at

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