10 Helpful Apps for New Parents

Parenting is a challenging task and it needs time and care to bring a child up. Now a number of babysitting apps are available, which can help you with miscellaneous tasks. Whether it is about night time feeding, changing dirty diapers, preparing bottles of milk, visiting a doctor, or battling lack of sleep due to baby care, you can manage everything by getting that extra bit of help from the app you are using. Given below is an exhaustive list of 10 helpful applications that the parents can use to make their parenting a happy experience.

1. Baby Connect


This application helps the new parents take care of the new born effectively. It is easy to navigate, well designed and comprehensive. Some of the important uses of this app include tracking the schedule of baby’s sleeping and feeding, moods, temperature and many more. This data can be collated in the form of graphs, which can also be shared with your babysitter or spouse via popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also email the data to your doctor if travelling for some advice. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

2. Baby Monitor 3G


This application helps new daddies and mommies to soothe their baby remotely. In fact, you can see your baby’s every move and hear all the noises he/she makes throughout the day. This application works on all the networks namely, Wi-Fi, CDMA, EDGE or 3G. To use this, users will have to take the help of two iOS devices, wherein one device remains with the user and the other one is stationed in the baby’s room. To set up the app, it will take less than 30 seconds of time. You can even talk to your child from another room once both the iOS devices are paired up. The app also helps you in taking snaps of your babies remotely from another room, thereby capturing the precious moments of your baby when left alone.

3. My Baby & Me by Philips AVENT


This iOS app is available free of cost. The new parents can track multiple aspects of babies such as sleeping, height, weight, diaper changes and feeding. Most importantly users can compile the special moments and milestones of the baby to create a movie, which, in turn, can be shared with friends and family members via social networking sites.

4. WebMD Baby


This is another useful free Android application, which acts as a consultant. Using the app, the new mommies and daddies can consult on different things about the baby, including milestones and diseases such as cold, fever, cough and diaper rash. There many articles, personal baby books and videos in the WebMD Baby app for you to read and watch.

5. Baby Pack and Go


Proper care of the baby not only needs complete attention but thousands of other essential things as well, such as diaper rash cream and baby wipes. This app for Android and iOS comes with a ready-made packing list of items meant for the toddlers and babies. Moreover, new parents can add their own items to the list as well. Baby Pack and Go app is handy during long as well as short trips. The app also contains a “Task Reminder Alert” function that sends reminders to the registered mobile numbers. New parents will find it especially helpful while getting that baby bag ready for a trip.

6Best Baby Monitor


Like Baby Monitor 3G, you need to pair up two iOS devices over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to make the app work. It contains other features such as the use of flash, present in the device, to check on your baby during the night time. You can also play lullabies such as Sweet Dreams, Brahms Lullaby and Twinkle-Twinkle to your baby. New parents can maintain a detailed log of every moment their baby does and then share them with their near and dear ones. Best Baby Monitor app can have FaceTime or even call you when the baby is awaken.

7. My Kid’s Health


This iOS application helps new parents to keep a track of the health related aspects of the baby, including basic information such as weight, height, blood type and date of birth. This basic data is important in tracking multiple health related issues, including appointment with doctor/dentist, vaccination schedules (where the data is supplied by WHO and the reminders are updated to the calendar through proper sync), record of growth, illnesses, accidents and allergies. Therefore, you can access all possible health related details of your baby at one place.

8. My Baby Today


This Android app by BabyCenter is a one stop for getting support, advice, setting reminders, sharing experiences along with a personalized daily calendar, in-built checklists and a photo album. Parents can use the app to access and ask FAQs on their baby’s growth and development, and get ideas for taking care of themselves too.

9. Once Upon A Potty


This app will help new parents to train their babies or toddlers the use of toilet. Once Upon A Potty app is available in both boy and girl editions, for iOS and Android. If you want your baby to move from the ‘diaper’ to use the ‘pot’, this app will help you in this task by providing better solutions.

10. StickyTot


This Android application will not only keep track of the events, milestones, notes and pictures but also the growth related information of your toddler. Even when you are not online, you can check out the pictures, notes and other relevant information because data can be stored locally on a tablet/phone as well as on cloud.

Bringing up a child is not an easy task to achieve and needs lots of patience and care. To make this phase smooth and happy, apps come in handy, however, apart from the help provided by these apps, new parents need to be more cautious and alert regarding the surrounding of their baby.

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