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10 Calls to Action to Make Online Ads Enticing

Tips-on-Marketing-Call-to-Action-and-Start-Making-Your-ConversionThe most striking feature of an ad in any PPC campaign is the ‘Call to Action’ or CTA. Essentially, the CTA prompts the customer what he has to do exactly and why he should do it.

So it is imperative that one should pay utmost attention to the CTAs. Remember, the right call to action can increase the conversions substantially.

Most businesses tend to use the default CTA  “buy now” or “download now”.  However, this is generally considered as hard sell and customers tend to ignore it.

One of the key ideas to remember while creating a CTA, especially for a PPC campaign where one has limited space – is that it doesn’t have to be a direct sales push. Sometimes, creating something that perks the interest of the customer will get him to click the ad.

One or more of the attributes given below can be considered while designing the next CTAs:

  1. Be Direct –  There is a limited space on a paid ad, so don’t waste space and say upfront what’s the offer or what the customer should do.

  2. Be Unique – Try to make the CTA different from other businesses in the same sector.

  3. Make it Actionable – Ensure that the CTA instructs the person to do something.

  4. Make it Easy – The action the customer is expected to take has to be something that is easy to understand and do.

  5. Show Urgency –  Urgency is critical; it however, doesn’t mean that one has to suggest that the offer will go straight away. Using words such as ‘Today’ and ‘Now’ can create the same sense of urgency as placing, say, “sale ends 1st March”.

  6. Give Value  – If one offers something of value like a free trial or free delivery, it will give more incentive to people to have a look at site the over that of its competitors.

To help get started crafting the perfect CTA list; here are 10 examples and ideas from some campaigns:

  1. Highlight Quality of Service Offered

  1. Offer Discounts, if Feasible

  1. Grab Customer’s Attention

  1. Offer Guarantee/Warranty to Build Trust

  1. Include Testimonials or Reviews to Build Trust

  1. Play on Emotions!


  1. Include Credentials

  1. Add a Personal Touch

  1. Make Customer Feel Privileged; Offer Codes

  1. If Make of Product Ensures Quality or Locality, Highlight It


Change some of the CTAs to improve click through rates and conversions. Finding the best CTA is not instant. Remember, you will have to do some some A/B testing to find the right CTA. What CTAs have worked for you? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author:

Abhijit Gogoi is the Head of Digital Content, Kapsica Media. He has 6+ years of experience in the domain of online marketing and strategy, including 5 years at Google. He can be reached at

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    Thanks for the Paid Ads Call to Action techniques. Yes, we can make our ads more enticing for our given customers using this all above techniques. I used to have Ads around “Weekdays to Weekends” theme for the same days to create an urgency in the user mind. So from mon-fri: we used to have adcopies that stated “weekday sale offer” , and on sat-sun live with “weekend sale offer” where weekday is paused.

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