YouTube Launches Fan Funding Feature in Four Countries for Independent Content Creators

YouTube is set to launch a ‘ YouTube Music Key‘ service soon and it has now introduced Fan Funding, a new way to send donations by viewers to YouTube channel owners, as per Android Police report. Currently, the feature is available in four countries: Australia, Japan, Mexico and US, and Google is also working to bring the option in more countries soon.

Here’s how it works:

When someone watching a video created by a content creator who’s willing to accept donation, then an icon or a pop-up message will displayed at the top left corner of the video like the image below.


By clicking this icon or pop-up message a window will opened and ask how much money you want to donate.


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Fan funding is not only limited to the browser but it works within the YouTube Android app. When viewers offers a donation, Youtube take a small cut to handle the transaction. In the US, it keeps 5% plus a fee of 21 cents. It varies by country and donation are processed by Google Wallet.

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