UK Tops the List; India lies 4th in Mobile Malware Incidents: F-secure Report

F-Secure Headquarters, Helsinki, Finland

F-Secure Headquarters, Helsinki, Finland

India, being one of the hot spots for mobile phone market, is now positioned among the most affected countries by mobile malwares. The Q2 2014 study done by F-Secure Labs revealed that India lies 4th after the UK, France and Saudi Arabia in reporting of mobile malware incidents.

Where Chandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and New Delhi are among the top most infected cities, tier II cities are the new favourites.

Though most malware authors concentrated on creating new apps that run on Android, a few unusual souls apparently also tried their hand at making new malware to run on the iPhone and Symbian platforms.

As reported by NDTV, 295 new threat variants were discovered. Android continued to be the most affected with 294 new threat families found on the system. This is an approximate 7% increase over the last quarter. Also, In Q1 2014, more users in Great Britain reported malware activity being discovered and blocked on their Android device than in any other country, by a wide margin.

With Trojan being the most common form of malware detected, the report also highlighted increasing risks to another type of malware, Ransomware. This software mainly targets individuals and does not release access to the computer until a certain sum is paid.

“India is seeing a rise in premium content SMS type malware,” said F-Secure Security Advisor (ASIA) Su Gim Goh.

In order to avoid being a victim of these malware threats, the easiest way is to lock the device. This will prevent anyone else from meddling with its settings and installing an app (such as a monitoring-tool or spyware) while it is out of one’s possession. Using anti-theft protection, setting up message barring, scrutinizing permission requests can be some other ways.

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