Startup Showcase: IRentShare, Qurly and Dumbelled

IRentShare IRentShare, is a community based marketplace for renting and sharing of physical products. It is creating sharing communities in networks like Schools, Colleges, Corporate, Housing Societies, Cultural Organizations, Neighborhood’s etc. It is a peer to peer renting/sharing platform allowing individuals and companies to offer their goods for rent or share with logistical support if needed. Currently all major goods except automobiles and real estate are being offered at selected places in the city of New Delhi.

irs What problems it is solving: IRentShare was born out of the philosophy that people should be allowed to rent/share their extra stuff for earning money and helping people get access to goods they otherwise can’t afford/buy; through a monetary deposit system.

Key services offered: 1. Logistics 2. Customer service/assistance 3. Verified Users 4. COD and Net Banking 5. Deals on high end items like cameras, lenses, laptops, tablets etc.

Main Competitors:,, etc.

More Info: New Delhi-based IRent Share was launched in 2012, as a venture of Co-Founders Rishabh KapoorVardhman Jain and Ankit Mahindru. The firm has secured INR 3.5 lakhs till now.


Qurly wishes to be the portal where users discover new places to rejuvenate and share their experiences. It is trying to be the Zomato of the wellness industry. The website is designed with interactive social features like reviews and recommendations for outlets, services and stylists. It offers a curated Q & A section for things related to wellness, style, beauty, fitness and health.

L_121005_four fountain-qurly (3)

What problems it is solving: Users can discover new outlets by honest reviews and opinions online and see if they match their budget criteria by checking out their rate cards.

More Info: New Delhi-Headquartered Qurly launched by Utsav Somani. Running in a bootstrapped mode, it is also planning to start reservations and data collection/analytics for wellness outlets.

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Dumbelled is a training Company in India which provides a mix of offline and online Fitness and Marathon training to its customers. It has more than 10 offline centers in Mumbai and caters to clients worldwide through its online platform.The company provides personalized training programs and helps individuals in performing better in a marathon

dumbelled What problems it is solving: The team says “ We believe fitness has two aspects to it – Motivation and Information. While some people need more motivation to get started while others need right information to achieve their goals. While there are some quality trainers present in few parts of India, rest of the India do not have access to this. We believe fitness has no boundaries, through our offline and online model we want to cater to the training demands of many people in our country”

Main Competitors: They are many gyms or offline Running training groups but for a combination of offline and online training – there are none.

More Info: This Mumbai based fitness start-up was founded by Aarti Gill, an alum of IIT and INSEAD and has raised an undisclosed amount of funding. They have a team of trainers led by Mihir Gadani, creator of fi45 and FFL.

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